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Published: Sun April 16, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Provincetown > Opinion
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On Mon April 17, 2006, Frank wrote:

Love the site.Interesting articles on provincetown and help me finding places to go when I visit. thanks.

On Sun August 20, 2006, Annie Nomeniss wrote:

Time was . . .
The police adhered to the motto:  “Protect and serve.” Suddenly and recently the motto has become “arrest and ignore” and/or “seek and destroy.” What happened to my quaint fishing village?  What ever happened to acceptance and diversity?  Why are the people who built this town being pushed out, discriminated against, and to put it simply and mildly--we are being picked on!  Isn’t it enough that we sold all our property?  Isn’t it enough that our children skipped town?  Isn’t it enough that they eradicated the manner and are now in the process of eliminating the school?  At this rate, the Town of Province will be inhabited only by ghosts and coyotes.  Please join me in the protection of Provincetown.  Let us begin with the police department . . . time was . . . the PPD was nearly all volenteer officers!  Let’s find people who care!

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