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Provincetown VSB and Economic Development Council to merge?

Published: Thu May 11, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Provincetown > News
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By Pru Sowers | Provincetown Banner

The Visitor Services Board and Economic Development Council agreed last week to combine forces to draw up a proclamation of how to revive tourism in town to present to selectmen.

The idea is to present cogent ideas to the selectmen as they go into the next budget cycle in the hopes of convincing them to fund several projects aimed at boosting tourism in town, according to Lynne Davies, VSB chair. As local business owners warily await a summer season that some believe will show a continued downturn in the number of visitors to Provincetown, the need for action has become acute, Davies said.

“Where we need assistance is in building an infrastructure. We need bathrooms, benches, clean streets, directions to venues,” she said. “Town government has yet to fully grasp that tourism is our economic engine.”

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On Thu May 11, 2006, Straight Dope wrote:

Anyone else getting the sense that these two organizations will merge?

Seems to me that the VSB is losing power as the EDC is gaining power.

What will the new name be? Something like the Economic Development Council maybe?

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