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Got dirty laundry? Provincetown laundromat set to open year round

Published: Mon May 08, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Provincetown > Open To The Public
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It might not be over until Austin Knight sings, but after the selectmen put ink to a memorandum of understanding earlier this week, it looks like at long last a Laundromat will open this summer in Provincetown.

The board of selectmen entered into an agreement with Charles and Helen Silva allowing them to open a Laundromat at 68 Shank Painter Road, across from the Grand Union supermarket. This agreement was the last big step after Town Meeting approved the extension of the sewer system down Shank Painter Road. And it was at Town Meeting where Knight, a member of the water and sewer board, with washboard in hand, sang an operatic aria bidding adieu to driving all the way to Orleans to do laundry.

By agreement, the new Laundromat will be open at least 12 hours a day at least six days a week between June 1 and Sept. 1. For the remainder of the year it must be open at least for Friday through Sunday, eight hours each day. The first Laundromat in Provincetown in decades will house 10 washers.

A public hearing regarding the project is still required before construction can begin. It is the hope of town officials that the Laundromat will be up and running by mid-summer. In addition to the Laundromat, the deal also allows for the Grand Union, several other area businesses and a 29-bedroom residential complex, all owned by the Silvas, to hook up to the sewer system (see related story, this page). As part of that agreement, three of the 29 bedrooms must be marked as middle income community housing in perpetuity.

The town is also exploring connecting nearby Court and Brown Street residents to the sewer, where many homes deal with flooding and failed septic systems.

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