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Published: Thu March 09, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Lodging > Rooms
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Yes, it’s okay to promote your business or room(s) for rent. It could be a hotel room, condo room, Bed and Breakfast room, etc.

Also, if you have stayed in Ptown and want to tell others about your experience, this is your space.

If you need a place to stay in Provincetown, post a “room wanted” ad here and maybe someone will be able to help you out.

It’s okay to treat this category as a Classified ad area for “Wanted to Rent” in Ptown.


On Wed March 15, 2006, Andrea wrote:

I am look to rent a room this summer. I have been working seasonally for several years in town and have plenty of references. I also have a small dog and am a non-smoker. Another possibility would be for me to find a roomate which would enable me to afford a pricer, but nicer place. Let me know. Thanks!

On Wed March 15, 2006, Straight Dope wrote:

Thank you for your post. We recently launched the Provincetown Journal so people are still finding our site.

What I would recommend for you is to go to our Classifieds Section (log in or register first) then find the Write Here area in the right column. Post your same content in the Wanted category.

You will be the first one in and people will see your request.

Good luck and thanks for reading the Provincetown Journal.

Come back and write more any of our eight open blog Sections.

On Wed March 22, 2006, Billy and Larry wrote:

Just came back from a long weekend in ptown.  Stan and Len were awsome guys and made our stay perfect.  Not only did they go out of there way to help us find the perfect place to celebrate our 3 years together, they made a special cake without us even asking.
Thank you very much

On Mon May 08, 2006, davewdj wrote:

Watership Inn
7 Winthrop St 508 487-0094 / 800 330-9413
Clean, comfortable, affordable rooms. Great location, friendly staff.

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