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May 17th 2004 - The Same Sex Marriage BIG BANG

Published: Sun May 21, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Life > Relationships
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Jon Keller’s Blog

Has it really been two years since gay marriage became legal? Yes, it has.

And today, same-sex couples brought thank-you flowers to state legislators who voted their way during the contentious constitutional convention of 2004. But the issue is headed for the ballot in 2008. And that prospect has many same-sex couples feeling anxious about the future.

“This is an equal rights issue and equal rights issues should not go to the people for a vote. I mean, where does it stop from there?” said Tom Lang.

But the man behind the drive to repeal gay marriage says he feels the wind of majority backlash in his sails.

“The people are really aroused over this issue. In two years people are still as electrified over this issue as two years ago,” said Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute.

Is that view shared inside the state house?

Rep. Phil Travis of Rehoboth led the charge against same-sex marriage.

“Gay marriage is in jeapordy if it does make it to the polls in November of 2008, because the majority of the people today will still vote against gay marriage,” said Travis.

But while Rep. David Flynn of Bridgewater spoke out against gay marriage, the last two years have given him pause.

“Maybe it’s proven me wrong, the world hasn’t changed, it’s not falling apart,” said Flynn.

Over the past two years same sex marriage has taken root here in Massachusetts.

But will the blossoms last? Check back in November of 2008 for the answer to that one.

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