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Provincetown Whaling in 1854

Published: Thu April 27, 2006
By: Straight Dope

Another interesting article from Capelinks.

“The records of 1854 show that as a whaling port, Provincetown topped other Cape ports. Receipts of the whale fishery during the year were: Falmouth, 513 barrels whale oil, 1828 barrels sperm; Provincetown, 2397 barrels of whale oil and 1275 barrels of sperm.”

Read more at How the Cape Cod Towns Ranked in Whale Fishing 1854 and read more about Cape Cod whaling at the whaling pages there. 


By Michael Levenson | Boston Globe

The Division of Marine Fisheries is warning boaters to be on the lookout for the majestic and endangered mammals, some 27 of which have been spotted in the waters off Provincetown.

The agency asked boaters to reduce speeds to 12 knots, post lookouts, and proceed with caution when navigating within 5 miles of Provincetown, including the waters off the eastern shore of Cape Cod to Highland Light in Truro.

The Northern right whale, coal-black leviathans once hunted for their oil and baleen, is the most endangered of the large…

Boating and Fishing in Provincetown category

Published: Fri March 31, 2006
By: Straight Dope

Do you want to know more about Flyer’s Provincetown boat rentals?

Do you have a question about the Provincia or the Provincetown Marina?

Do you want to go deep sea fishing off Provincetown?

Have you caught any fish off Provincetown beaches or off Macmillan wharf?

This is the Boating/Fishing category in the Life Section of the Provincetown Journal and all visitors are welcome to register as members and use the “Add your own entry” link to post a question, comment, news article or the like and it will show up in this Section.…

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