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What is the Provincetown Journal?

Read the Provincetown Journal to discover Provincetown and then you will be on your way to understanding Provincetown and all her history, complexities, beauty and opportunities. 

The Provincetown Journal is an online newspaper featuring Provincetown art, business, food, events, life and lodging news and information along with Directories, Forums and a Marketplace. It is built in a "blog" so articles and comments can easily be posted without the need for PC based software. 

The Provincetown Journal also features:

  • Events/Provincetown History calendar

  • Provincetown Photo Journal


Rob Sequin | Publisher & Founder

Rob is an Internet entrepreneur since 1996. The Provincetown Journal is his third start-up. First he started actively selling merchandise on eBay® in January 1997 and then trained individuals and businesses how to sell on eBay®. He published two editions of A Sea of Bidders about selling on eBay® in 1998.

In 1999-2000, he was CEO & Founder of an Internet alliance and marketing start-up with licensing contracts signed by corporations such as eBay®, Intel, Lycos, Excite, Sportsline and nearly one hundred others. The marketing concept was called dotcomcardz. The concept would allow web-based companies to market their sites offline to the masses of people rapidly coming online in those years. 

He was then Publisher of the popular online Wireless & Mobile Visionaries Newsletter and Directory. In August 2002, he sold WirelessRelated.com to Unstrung, a unit of Light Reading, Inc., a national publishing company.

He recently sold his eBay drop off store in Yarmouth to focus more on his Internet ventures such as this and the Havana Journal.

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How do I Write for the Provincetown Journal? (STAND BY - MARCH 3, 2006)

  1. Go to our Write for the Provincetown Journal page

  2. You will need to register/log in.

  3. Enter a title, type or paste the first paragraph or two of your text in the Introduction then use the Body block for the rest of your article.

  4. Choose a Section and then a Category from that Section. (If you are entering a new Topic in a Forum, you will skip this step)

  5. Preview your entry then Submit.

  6. Repeat as often as you like.

Really. It's that simple. Literally within five minutes from right now, you can be submitting your first article to the Provincetown Journal. If you can send email, you can write for the Provincetown Journal.

You don't need to be approved to write and you don't need to submit your articles to us for review. We do ask, insist actually, that you follow our Writer Guidelines out of respect for our Community.

You do not need to register or login to post comments to news articles. 

Do I have to download any software?

No. You can publish your content from any Internet connected computer. The Provincetown Journal is based on the Pmachine Expression Engine platform that is "web-based" meaning that all the software you need is accessible from any web browser over the Internet. 

Can I edit my article/topic after I publish it?

Yes but you'll have to ask us to do it for you. Right now we are not giving out access to our Control Panel. 

I wrote an article for another source. Can I publish it here?

If you wrote an article for another web site or publication, you certainly have our permission to re-publish it here as long as there is no objection from the other party. Be sure to give them credit for the content if you are linking to them.

If I write something for the Provincetown Journal, can I use it elsewhere?

Yes. We do not require exclusive rights. We do ask that you refer to the Provincetown Journal or just simply link to your article at the Provincetown Journal.

Someone just left a Comment to my article that I posted and I don't like it. What can I do?

First, we ask that you make your best psychological attempt to accept it. We have a diverse community and this site is all about freedom of speech and people saying what's on their mind.

Be tolerant and don't get into a heated comment posting/reposting war. Stay focused on your message and content.

If you just can't get move on, you can do a couple things:

1. Post your own comment and address the issues or elaborate on your point.

2. Contact us and we will review the comment. We do not edit comments but will delete one if it is vulgar, derogatory, defamatory, inappropriate, libelous or off topic.

Why should I write for the Provincetown Journal?

1. Our content management solution is web-based so you simply login, type or paste in the text of your article, choose a Section and Category then submit it. Your article or forum topic is published immediately.

2. Free advertising for your site: Go ahead and link to your site or other site for more information.  

3. The Provincetown Journal is available in five languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian). That means that your content is available in five languages. Also, when someone clicks on your web address your site is converted to the language of the reader. How about that trick? We will translate your site for you!

4. If you have ever wanted to write a "Letter to the Editor"? This is your chance. Say what you want to say.

What kind of content can be published in the Provincetown Journal News sections?

  • Facts

  • Photos

  • Cartoons

  • Opinions

  • News articles

  • Animated gifs

  • Research reports

  • Personal Experiences

  • Special Interest articles

  • Self Promotional articles

  • Tips and Recommendations

  • Articles about historic events

  • Articles about individual journeys

In no particular order...we are looking for any content regarding Provincetown that you feel other Subscribers would benefit from reading. Feel free to post older content if it still has value.

We really don't have any restrictions about legitimate, Provincetown-related content. Speak your mind. Tell us about your business ideas, cultural and travel experiences, political opinions...whatever.

We also welcome visitors to send their Event dates so we can add them to the Events calendar. 

Do you pay Writers?

No. For now, our writers are happy to publish articles for the exposure of their name and/or website and opportunity to educate our community.

Will management edit my content?

No but be we do review it. We do not and will never edit your work. You decide what to say, how to say it and when to say it. We do reserve the right to delete inappropriate content. See our Writer's Rules and Guidelines below.

I don't want to write articles. I just want to post Comments to posted articles.

No problem. We welcome all relevant content and your opinion on one of our articles qualifies as relevant content. You do not need to register or log in to post comments to news articles. 

Can I use an alias to post articles, topics or comments?

Yes. We do not require your name, address or phone number in our registration form.


Writing Tips

Preview your article before posting it. Make sure the text and formatting is easy to read.

Try to "boil down" the story. Readers may not be as passionate as you are about the article and might just want the meat. If your article is very long, consider breaking it into two parts.

Write regularly, even several times a day if you like. You will develop a following. The more you publish, the more you advertise to our your web address to Provincetown Journal Subscribers. We encourage you to publish articles in different Sections and Categories.

You may want to include a "signature" at the end of your articles like words of wisdom, your web site's mission statement, your contact info, interests, etc. Be creative.

If you are writing a follow up article to one you previously posted, find the previous article, copy and paste the URL into the current story so readers can refer to the first article.

Be proud of your content that has been published in the Provincetown Journal. Grab the URL of the page you have just published to and link to it from your own web site. Also, use the Email This Article to show it to friends, family and associates.

If you are posting third party content, please acknowledge that original author and source.

All text that is typed as www. and something@ will be converted into live links.

This is the place where others listen to you!

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  • We will never ask you for your password or credit card information. 

  • We will not sell or rent your email address to third parties. 

  • We will not deny writer access to any individual, business or organization because of geographical location, business model, religious belief, political views, etc. All are welcome to visit and participate. We encourage freedom of speech, freedom of association, creativity, diversity and the general pursuit of happiness so long as it does not harm others.

  • We send out Breaking News alerts to our community in the event of a major news story regarding Provincetown. We also send out a periodic Provincetown Journal newsletter to keep visitors up-to-date regarding developments at the Provincetown Journal.

  • We reserve the right to suspend, restrict or even ban the a visitor's IP address who is intentionally and repeatedly disruptive to our community.

  • We reserve the right to delete vulgar, derogatory, defamatory, inappropriate, libelous or off topic content.


Article: A news story, individual travel experience or recommendation, opinion, press release, research report etc. posted to one of our Sections.

Blog: An online journal with articles listed chronologically. Blog content is either provided by the individuals maintaining the site or the community that visits.

The term blog is short for web log, a blog is an Individual or topic-specific online journal featuring content (text, pictures, video and/or audio files) that is organized by chronological order of entry.

Blogs are Individual or Collective. An Individual blog contains content provided by the owner of the site. A Collective blog allows all users/members/subscribers to provide content. The Provincetown Journal is a collective blog.

Categories: Every Section has Categories that allow the writer to post content where most appropriate. Also, visitors can sort articles by category to read just the content that interests them.

Directories: Each Section contains a Directory featuring links to related web sites. Advertisers can link back or pay to have their text listings turned into a link. Visitors can pay to see all text listings as links.  

Fixed Pages: The Marketplace, Cigar pages and this About Us page.

Original Content: Provided by our visitors exclusively for the Provincetown Journal. Original content can be text, pictures, video or audio.

Post and publish: A common term in the blog world. Also known as "blogging". Simply login, post and publish.

Sections: Business, Culture, Politics, Travel and Hispanics are considered Provincetown Journal Sections.

Syndication and XML / RSS: Other websites pick up our content feed that is syndicated over the Internet. Your content is distributed far beyond the Provincetown Journal.

Third Party news: An article that is a news story or content that has been created by professional news organizations. AP and Reuters are third party news sources.

Thank you for reading the Provincetown Journal

Provincetown Journal

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PO Box 1525

South Dennis, MA


508 737 1654

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