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Gorky art: Agony - Expressionist Biomorphic
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a. Irregular-shaped forms and calligraphic interlacings bearing, if any, a relation to organic or anatomical forms; composed usually in dynamic, symbolic or emotively suggestive relationships; often showing evidence of automatist or “doodling” origin.

b. Space treated three-dimensionally; in its variegated depths, shallows and movement related to concepts of space found in landscape; reflects the mysterious instability and vibrating life of the forms within.

Origins: Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism.

Gorky: Agony. 1947. oil, 40 x 50 1/2”. The Museum of Modern Art, A. Conger Goodyear Fund.

This was from the book Abstract Painting, Sculpture, America - The Museum of Modern Art, 1951.

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