Two Pilgrim Monuments in Provincetown
Provincetown Library builds replica of Pilgrim Monument for steeple bell tower
Duchamp: Nude Descending a Staircase
De Rivera sculpture: Yellow Black
Naturalistic Geometric: Callahan art - Abstraction-i
Isamu Noguchi sculpture: The Gunas
Expressionist Geometric art: Davis - Salt Shaker
Expressionist Biomorphic art: Rothko #14
Stella art: Brooklyn Bridge
Gorky art: Agony - Expressionist Biomorphic
Man Ray art: Aerograph
Kamrowski art: The Urgent Hour - Expressionist Biomorphic
Picasso: Ma Jolie (Woman with a Guitar)
Marin: Lower Manhattan (Derived from top of Woolworth building)
Expressionist Biomorphic: Howard art - Trinity
Expressionist Geometric Art: Lassaw - The Milky Way

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