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Published: Wed May 10, 2006
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The Town of Provincetown could consider taking over the White House Traditional Egg Roll and putting it on the lawn of the Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum in 2007.  The President and the First Lady should be ashamed of their treatment of same sex families this year at the traditional Washington D. C .Easter celebration. It was promoted as an event for all families. Many same sex parents, wearing colorful, rainbow leis lined up and waited over night to be among the first families allowed to participate in the tradition.  That the Egg Roll is open to ALL families, why did their staff change the rules and make many of the eager and happy same sex families go to the back of the line?  Provincetown could take that entire event over with a little creativity.

Can’t you see the Easter Bonnets now?

Since we’ve had over 1,300 same sex couples get married in Town, we are the perfect location for the 2007 Family Egg Roll Outing! Just a thought. We could use the tourism in April. We certainly would have a more colorful Easter Bonnet Parade than stuffy Republican Washington D.C. Where are the Hat Sisters, during Easter week? Girls we need you!

The whales are back. Local papers are warning boaters (who has their boat in the water this time of year?) to be careful and stay away from the feeding whales.  I’ll do that. Since I don’t own a boat, it will be easy to obey.

Businesses are getting ready for the coming season. I love this time of year. Everyone is hopeful and anxious t to greet the thousands of guests we hope are planning to spend more than one afternoon in our tourism driven resort, seaside community.

I hope the $70,000 fire works for the July 4th celebration are worth the extra money! Since the fireworks usually cost about $17,000 the additional money is suppose to come from private donations. 
No one has asked me for a donation, yet. Let’s do the math. If we have 3,500 people in town and need to raise an additional $53,000, then each of us needs to fork over about $15.00 and change.  Let’s start with the Selectmen.

It’s almost time for free ice cream day, and sitting on the benches in front of Town Hall waiting for ‘ Miss Ellie’ to entertain us ( after 5 PM, of course) with her Sinatra Karaoke tunes and little red wagon theater. A girl’s got to earn a living!

Happy Spring.


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