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Published: Wed March 29, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Czarina >
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"Somewhere over the Rainbow” .. the haunting lyrics from Miss Judy’s song from the Wizard of Oz, describe the one and only Provincetown.

Rainbow flags fly high;"Dorothy" walks the length of commercial Street, miniture red high heel shoes sparkle in store windows. And, the is even a ‘good witch” and a bad “witch”... well ,maybe more than one or two.

The Board of Selectmen is the only all gay board in the country and some of the Town Hall employees are cross dressers and proud of it!

Could there be a better location for :freedon, fun and frivolity?

For over a hundred years members of the Gay and Lesbian community have found refuge in this tiny hamlet jutting out into the Atlantic.  Maybe there really is an “Oz” at the end of the Rainbow.

‘PTown’ , as it is affectionately called by the locals, thrives. Tourists flock to our quaint fishing village every summer to unwind, play, sunbathe in the nude, buy local art, listen to the music pouring out of the clubs along the main ‘drag’ ( no pun intended), eat lobster, savor home made fish chowder, ride their bikes into the dunes… and party.

In the past, the local Police looked the other way when crowds of gay men met at Spiritus Pizza after the bars closed to have a slice and find a partner to follow them to the ever popular “Dick Dock” (” If you spend an evening and you’ll want to stay” ... from the song that seems to describe all that is good about Old Cape Cod.

I have witnessed people stepping off the local Plymouth & Brocton bus, with a back pack and a dream. they might sleep under a boat on the beach for a few nights before they land a job “barking” a drag show or waiting on tables at an outdoor cafe’. And, I’ve also watched as Cape Air lands on a tiny runway in the dunes and the Rich & Famous or Hollywood star steps off the plane for a quiet ‘get away”.

Star or Waitron, everyone mingles on Commercial Street. Where else can you see John Waters ( Hair Spray fame) sitting on a bench drinking his morning coffee or riding his bike around town? Kevin Bacon slips into to town in the winter months to buy art and hunker down for a meal in a dark bar. Rosie O’Donnell and her wife Kelli brought the kids one summer and happen to land here in the middle of Gay Family week.... they steal the idea and start a Family Cruises… shame on you Rosie for pinching someone elses idea and going comercial on us…

Well, that WAS the “OZ” of a few years ago.... and then the Bad witch and the Wizard put their heads together and decided to change OZ into a Lesbian Nantucket!!!

No one was looking when they were plotting. the men were partying and the women were working their political careers and hoping to run for larger office… no body was watching as they began to crack down on the wild sex life and the parties............ first the “Dick Dock” was declare “unsafe” and might collapse. Therefore, police were allowed to bring search lights and dogs and clear out the area! Imagine having a flashlight in your face in the middle of having .... an intimate encounter? Then the police were allowed to arrest drag queens if ‘someone ‘ suggested that their outfits might be too revealing ( isn’t that the idea?) or the summer police would stand with their arms crossed and arrest people for WALKING HOME DRUNK!! what is the Wizard thinking? He is dressed in a straw hat, bow tie and resale shop clothes… why is the Wizard allowed to change our Town?

And, just because the “Bad Witch” is rumored to have a lot of power and money… is she allowed to fly her broom stick all over our sky… Heee Heee Heee my little Pretties… I’ll stop all the fun and build a cultural town with white picket fences and gardeners ( isn’t that economic development??) and my women friends will come for power luncheons and I will RUN THIS TOWN>>>

And, if the Wizard ( who might be afraid of the “Bad Witch” ) and the green faced witch in black have their way… the freedoms at the end of the Rainbow will soon be gone.

Will we go from “Where happy little blue birds fly… to “Quaint little villages here and there”?

As for me, I believe people come to Ptown for the sex and maybe stay to buy a piece of art.... NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.



On Fri April 14, 2006, Frank wrote:

great stuff. funny and real

On Mon May 22, 2006, Sundown wrote:

Who is the Bad Witch? I’ll have a house dropped on her if you like. Hehehehe

On Sat April 26, 2008, Mr X wrote:

Oh! Perfect job!
Very good and helpful post.
Thx, your blog in my Google reader now

On Thu July 17, 2008, UsaGymBoy wrote:

I thought I would offer an update on the cynical view above that all that was fun in Ptown has gone.  This is certainly not the case.  What we have now is a broader representation of women and more wealthy gay men.  Both of these factions come to Ptown for parties and sex (depending upon the time of the year--e.g. Memorial Day weekend, Women’s Week, July 4th, Carnival, etc...).

With respect to the fun being taken out of Ptown, there was in the past a threat of this happening as a result of an uptight straight man who governed the town for a while he did threatened to ruin the jovial atmosphere.  He has been gone for over a year now and all has returned to better than normal.  Ptown remains a little piece of heaven on earth.  Come one, come all to Ptown-- it is a very special, beautiful and magical place.

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