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A Little MORE Conversation, please!

Published: Tue May 16, 2006
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A Little More Conversation, Please!

What makes Provincetown so special? I don’t think I realized exactly what ‘it’ was, until I went away for a few days to visit friends.

None of the passengers on the bus ride to Logan airport talked to each other. A sign over the driver’s seat discourages conversation. It is a distraction, I presume.

My friends picked me up at the airport but they didn’t say much during the ride to their home. They were busy listening to the on board Navigator.  Did they really need a Navigator to get to their own home?

Their teenage son didn’t greet me; because he had an iPod stuck in his ear. In fact I don’t even know if the kid can speak.

We didn’t eat at their house. I was treated to a gourmet meal at a famous Chicago restaurant. However, conversation was minimal because my hosts were busy checking their Blackberries and taking pictures of our dinner on their cell phones. Making deals during dinner, it seems, is a part of our lives now that we are so accessible due to electronics.

The balance of the evening was spent watching American Idol and then “texting” our votes into the show.  God, forbid we shouldn’t vote for our favorite vocalist. Where would our economy be if the phone companies didn’t make their $.90 per call?

Do the math!

Cell phones, Blackberries, GPS Navigational systems, iPods and other electronics have dispensed with the need for ‘face to face’ communication.

Hold on, I have an email.....

I returned to Provincetown just in time for our Annual Town Meeting.

Thank God!

Say what you will about our little Hamlet by the sea, but we talk to each other!
We talk about each other, to each other and at each other.
Yet, we communicate!

And, the communication is always interesting, articulate and thought provoking.
We may not agree, but we can ‘agree to disagree’ and that is a good thing. Isn’t it?
We look each other in the eye.
We say what is on our mind.
We TALK to each other.

Coming out of Adams Pharmacy, someone I hardily know smiled and said,
“Good Morning. Welcome back!”

I almost dropped my .35 cent Styrofoam small coffee.

After a few days ‘off Cape’ I had forgotten how friendly we are in Provincetown. I was home.


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