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A Little MORE Conversation, please!

Published: Tue May 16, 2006
By: czarina

A Little More Conversation, Please!

What makes Provincetown so special? I don’t think I realized exactly what ‘it’ was, until I went away for a few days to visit friends.

None of the passengers on the bus ride to Logan airport talked to each other. A sign over the driver’s seat discourages conversation. It is a distraction, I presume.

My friends picked me up at the airport but they didn’t say much during the ride to their home. They were busy listening to the on board Navigator.  Did they really need a Navigator to get…

Spring in Provincetown - Czarina

Published: Wed May 10, 2006
By: czarina

The Town of Provincetown could consider taking over the White House Traditional Egg Roll and putting it on the lawn of the Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum in 2007.  The President and the First Lady should be ashamed of their treatment of same sex families this year at the traditional Washington D. C .Easter celebration. It was promoted as an event for all families. Many same sex parents, wearing colorful, rainbow leis lined up and waited over night to be among the first families allowed to participate in the tradition.  That the Egg Roll is open to ALL families, why did…

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Czarina

Published: Wed March 29, 2006
By: Straight Dope

"Somewhere over the Rainbow” .. the haunting lyrics from Miss Judy’s song from the Wizard of Oz, describe the one and only Provincetown.

Rainbow flags fly high;"Dorothy" walks the length of commercial Street, miniture red high heel shoes sparkle in store windows. And, the is even a ‘good witch” and a bad “witch”... well ,maybe more than one or two.

The Board of Selectmen is the only all gay board in the country and some of the Town Hall employees are cross dressers and proud of it!

Could there be a better location for :freedon,…

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