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Provincetown licensing board tells West End Salon - "No pole dancing"

Published: Wed June 28, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Business > Shops
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Boston Herald

Customers pole-dancing for discounts at a Provincetown salon have been stripped of their summer fun.

Owner Dougie Freeman installed a stripper pole at West End Salon & Spa on Sunday for “Dancing for Discounts,” a summer promotion offering appealing prices for customers who dance at the pole.

The salon was offering a $1 discount for every minute a customer shook and shimmied at the pole, for up to five minutes.
“This is actually a wholesome activity,” Freeman says. “There’s no nudity involved.”
Unfortunately, he failed to get an entertainment license, and yesterday, town officials said the pole must go.
“I feel kind of like an artist who’s been nailed to a cross,” Freeman says, adding that he is disappointed but not bitter.

The heartbroken Freeman says he went to Town Hall in February to get permission to have the pole. He thought he made all the right moves but forgot to save the last dance for the licensing board.

“Dancing is construed as entertainment,” says Elizabeth Hartsgrove, the town’s licensing agent.
Freeman said he plans to go through the process to get an entertainment license to run the steamy discount at his spa. That could take four to five months.


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