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Published: Mon April 02, 2007
By: Straight Dope

If you are looking to start a Provincetown related website or have an established business in Ptown, perhaps one of our Provincetown domains could be used to promote your business. Our Marketplace features a long list of Provincetown domains for sale or lease.

We say for sale or lease because some domains are not for sale and are only available for lease or partnership development.

Domains are subject to availability.


Domain name for sale for $2million

Published: Tue April 25, 2006
By: Straight Dope

By Elizabethe Holland | ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

Technologically savvy, wary of the anti-gay set and eager to be of help to fellow lesbians, Sue Beckwith registered the Internet domain name as soon as she knew how.

More than a decade later, Beckwith, of St. Louis, and the Web site’s two other producers have decided to sell the name - and are asking for $2 million.

When Beckwith registered the name in 1995 - a move that cost a mere $35 or so - she wasn’t quite sure what she’d do with But after…

Provincetown Services - A friend in town ... for hire

Published: Fri March 31, 2006
By: Straight Dope

We are thinking about starting a little company called Provincetown Services.

We know Provincetown.

Are you out of town but need us to check on your condo?

Do you need a “friend” in Provincetown when you are away?

Do you need someone to let the contractors in and stay while they are in there working?

Do you want need information that you can only get by physically being in Provincetown yet you have no plans to be in Provincetown in the near future.

Let us know. We can be…

Service with a smile in Provincetown

Published: Fri March 31, 2006
By: Straight Dope

Tell us about the services your provide to, in or from Provincetown.

It’s okay to self promote here at the Provincetown Journal.

Educate our readers and give them a reason to call your or come and see you.

This is the Services category in the Business Section of the Provincetown Journal and all visitors are welcome to register as members and use the “Add your own entry” link to post a self promoting advertisements. We just ask that they are relevant to Provincetown and informative to our readers.


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