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Published: Fri March 31, 2006
By: Straight Dope in Art > Sculpture
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On Sat July 15, 2006, Jay Critchley, Beige Provincetown wrote:

Jay Critchleys BEIGE PROVINCETOWN project explores the connection between the beige sand of Provincetown and the recently discovered color of the Universe: an exciting BEIGE!

Beige Provincetown continues Jays twenty-five year exploration of sand and the cosmological link between its beige color, the light and the color spectrum, and the beige color of the universe. The use of sand began with the artists debut sand car series in Provincetowns waterfront parking lot from 1981-1984 − Just Visiting for the Weekend − with sand-encrusted cars, sand-filled cars, sand-blasted cars, and the sand family. This ongoing exploration has guided him to the recent research which determined the color of the universe is beige, discovered by physicists Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry of Johns Hopkins University. You are invited to attend these project events:

JUNE 30-JULY 19, 2006: Beige Provincetown, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm daily; an interactive installation at artSTRANDs new gallery space at the Schoolhouse Center, 494 Commercial Street, Provincetown along with a show by Bob Bailey and gallery artists (;

MONDAY, JULY 10: Color Blind? 7:00 pm, artSTRAND, 494 Commercial St. Karl Glazebrook speaks about his surprising research that shows beige is the color of the universe, and converse with the artist. His presentation will include the debut of a video produced by the artist, edited by Chris Fiset, of a conversation with Professor Glazebrook from Johns Hopkins (see Karls bio on reverse side);

MONDAY, JULY 17: Imaginary Corporations: Jay Critchley and the Art of the Real and the Virtual. 7:00 pm, artSTRAND. Cultural critic and Professor Tim Norris will set a context for examining Jays imaginary corporations as well as his style of activist art practice from the early Nuclear Recycling Consultants (NRC) to the current Martucket Eyeland Resort & Theme Park, and his current cosmological expedition, Beige Provincetown (see Tims bio reverse side).

TUESDAY, AUGUST 1: Sand and the Beige Universe. 7:00 pm. Jay will give a featured presentation at the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitors Center, Route 6, Eastham (508;

TUESDAY, AUGUST 29: The Swash Zone. 8:30 am, Herring Cove Beach, north parking lot (alternate date, August 30). The artist will collaborate with oceanographer Graham Giese, in performing a field experiment demonstrating the intricate feedbacks between ocean waves and sand beaches using brightly-colored pebbles as indicators of sediment transport processes. The public is invited to observe and participate in this research experiment (see Grahams bio on reverse side).

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30: beige moving orange, a collaboration between Jay and Smudge Studio artists Jamie Kruse and Elizabeth Ellsworth. C-Scape Dune Shack (time to be announced, sign up required, 508 487-3684). 

Jay Critchley BEIGE PROVINCETOWN 508 487-1153

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